Due to COVID-19, the less fortunate need us now more than ever

With more Americans facing hardship this year, the need to serve those most vulnerable is greater than ever before.

Unfortunately, The Red Kettle is at risk in 2020

Some of our regular Red Kettle partners have closed stores due to the pandemic.

Bell Ringer lady

Nearly 130 years later, the Red Kettle is synonymous with Christmas giving in just about every household throughout the nation. Many know that the Red Kettle provides essential funding for holiday assistance programs, but not as many are aware that it keeps our pantries, shelters, and other programs going in the new year and beyond.

COVID-19 has created lots of challenges this year. Due to a decrease in consumers carrying currency, unemployment, store closures, social distancing and increased online shopping behavior, the current climate doesn’t sufficiently support The Salvation Army’s traditional method of collecting donations via our traditional red kettles. The bell ringers that everyone is used to seeing out in the community during the holiday season every year will be less prevalent. However, those facing hardship still need us, now more than ever.

A Safe Giving Experience at the Kettle in 2020

The Salvation Army is taking every measure possible to ensure safety and convenience at storefronts where we are permitted to ring the bell in 2020.

Bell Ringer 2

All bell ringers will be required to observe CDC and local safety guidelines, and to receive Salvation Army training on how to safely engage with the public in a COVID-19 environment.

The Salvation Army will require all bell ringers to use personal protective equipment (PPE), maintain social distance, refrain from physical contact with the public, regularly clean all kettle equipment and offer contactless donation options (Kettle Pay) everywhere.

The safety of our partners, volunteers and the public are of the utmost importance, and we are confident that we can provide a safe giving experience despite the challenges presented by COVID-19.