They Lost Everything But Their Compassion for Others

St. Marys, GA (September 17, 2017) – An elderly couple tossed a ruined family photograph on to the growing piled of their flood-wrecked possessions. They lost everything when Hurricane Irma swept into their single story home. During the storm they stayed up all night fruitlessly attempting to sweep the water out with brooms. Then, exhausted and drenched, they surrendered their belongings to 12 inches of dirty water and retreated to higher ground.

When The Salvation Army mobile feeding unit arrived they smelled the pungent mold before they saw the devastated home. The relief workers gave the survivors clean up kits. They prayed together for direction forward and favor with the insurance company. They asked for prayer for their daughter, who had yet to see the damage to her Florida home. Although Irma stole everything from them, they pointed out their neighbors who only escaped the flood by sleeping in their attic. “There are so many people you need you,” they said.

The survivors rejoiced that The Salvation Army searched for them and comforted them in their time of need. They said, “This is why people donate to The Salvation Army.”

How to help those Harvey and Irma Hurt

A financial contribution is the best way to help.  A cash donation allows charitable relief agencies to use monetary contributions to purchase exactly what disaster survivors need.   Monetary contributions are also easy to get to the disaster area. Moving a container of donated goods can sometimes cost more than the value of the items. Getting a donated commodity into containers and onto a ship, or onto a truck, across the sea or across the country to the disaster site, through the port costs and the customs’ tariffs, quality checked, quantity checked and sorted, and organized into warehouses, incurs a cost at each step. Supplies can almost always be purchased locally at the disaster site and provide savings in multiple ways.  Finally, money used to purchase needed items locally can support local and state economies, helping local businesses and workers, which have suffered losses in the wake of the disaster event.


Donate by phone: 1-800-SAL-ARMY

Mail checks to: The Salvation Army P.O. BOX 1959 Atlanta, GA 30301

Please make checks payable to The Salvation Army and designate ‘Hurricane 2017’ on all checks.

To receive a donation link via text: Text STORM to 51555

The Salvation Army does not place an administrative fee on disaster donations.  If you donate to hurricane relief efforts (and designate your gift to a specific disaster) 100 percent of the gift will be used in support of that event.  It may be used to provide food and drinks to survivors, cleaning supplies and other essential commodities, direct financial aid to those effected, or to support disaster relief workers serving in the area.

About The Salvation Army
The Salvation Army, established in London in 1865, has been supporting those in need without discrimination for more than 135 years in the U.S. More than 25 million Americans receive assistance from The Salvation Army each year through a range of social services: food for the hungry, relief for disaster victims, assistance for the disabled, outreach to the elderly and ill, clothing and shelter to the homeless, and opportunities for underprivileged children. The Salvation Army tracks the level of need across the country with the Human Needs Index ( The Salvation Army has served survivors of every major national disaster since 1900. The Salvation Army does not place an administrative fee on disaster donations. During emergency disasters, 100 percent of designated gifts are used to support specific relief efforts. For more information, go to or follow on Twitter @SalvationArmyUS.

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