“The Salvation Soldier” Q&A

The Salvation Soldier Q&A

  •  What is the new online magazine “The Salvation Soldier” all about?
    • “The Salvation Soldier” is a quarterly publication to give soldiers a voice and to help equip them to serve God in the present age. Lt. Colonel Allen Satterlee is the editor and Commissioner Willis Howell is the publisher behind this publication from the USA Southern Territory.
  • Who is this online magazine for?
    • It is a magazine for soldiers, by soldiers and about soldiers! But officers can read it too – after all, officers are soldiers first!
  • What kind of articles can we expect in the first issue?
    • We don’t want to give away too much, but you can expect to be hearing from Jeremy Rowland, Diane Ury, and David S. Massaquoi to name a few! The first issue will be published online this Friday – FEBRUARY 5th!
  • How can I contribute an article or story?
  • How do I sign up?
    • Visit this link to subscribe and share with your friends and fellow Salvationists.

Messengers of the Kingdom Appointments

Messengers of the Kingdom Appointments

Arkansas & Oklahoma Division
Cadet Tim Morrison – Assistant Corps Officer – Central Arkansas Area Command (Little Rock), AR
Cadet Mariah Deshazo – Corps Officer – Broken Arrow, OK
Cadet James & Kelly Spencer – Corps Officers – Springdale, AR

Florida Division
Cadet James & Abby Milner – Corps Officers – Fort Walton Beach, FL
Cadet Dushawn & Crystal Dupree – Assistant Corps Officers – Naples, FL

Georgia Division
Cadet Sebastian & Nathali Arroqui – Corps Officers – Griffin, GA

Kentucky & Tennessee Division
Cadet Bailey Partain – Kroc Center Officer for Congregational Life – The Salvation Army Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center of Memphis

Maryland & West Virginia Division
Cadet Schelika Chisolm – Corps Officer – Baltimore (Temple), MD
Cadet Rebekah Lind – Corps Officer – Charleston (Citadel), WV
Cadet Jennifer Webb – Corps Officer – Martinsburg, WV

National Capital & Virginia Division
Cadet Shawn Simmons – Corps Officer – Suffolk, VA

Texas Division
Cadet Konstantin & Anna Maslenikova – Corps Officers – Arlington, TX
Cadet James & Claudia Guzman – Corps Officers – Conroe, TX

Italy & Greece Territory
Cadet Christos & Magdelena Leveniotis – Athens, Greece

Please be in prayer for these Cadets as they prepare their hearts and minds for their first appointment and the responsibilities that will come with it.