Fill the Bus

fill the bus

WACO, TEXAS — It’s almost back to school time, and the Salvation Army in Waco is looking to “Fill the Bus”.

The “Fill the Bus” campaign aims to raise donations and school supplies for children who otherwise wouldn’t have their necessary materials for school. Last year’s campaign brought in enough supplies to distribute to more than 200 students.

The Salvation Army says this campaign is not just to benefit students, but also to save teachers some money as well.

“A lot of the time, the teachers actually go into their own pockets. And, you know, they don’t make a lot of money to begin with. But, they want to make sure that the children have what they need. One of our biggest passions is to support the teachers that are teaching the children,” said Major Dan Ford of the Waco Salvation Army.

“Fill the Bus” will take place at the Walmart on Hewitt Drive and the Walmart on Franklin Avenue on August 1 and August 2. To register to receive school supplies, please contact the Salvation Army.

Alexis Spears
Multi-Media Journalist