Socks from the Heart to the Homeless

Socks from the Heart to the Homeless

“A long time ago, my mom told me about how important it is to help the homeless,” said Matthew Johnson. “She asked me if I wanted to do something and I said yes.”

So Matthew – 8 years old at the time – got busy and created a campaign called “Socks from the Heart to the Homeless” and began collecting socks to give homeless people. In the first three years, he received about 5,000 pairs.

“Each year, we gathered more and more socks, so I wanted to go little crazy,” Matthew said. He turned up the heat on his most recent campaign and in three months, Matthew worked with his school, his church and even with local businesses to hit a big goal: 10,000 pairs of socks!

“When he said 10,000, of course I didn’t want to discourage him,” recalled Luz Johnson, Matthew’s mother. “I told him that we’ll continue to work at it, and it’ll happen.”

Matthew raised a total of 6,000 pairs in those three months. But when Dave Heath, CEO and President of Bombas Socks, heard about his efforts, Matthew got some big-time help from a sock pro.

“Last December, I happened to be in town when a buddy showed me an article about Matthew’s efforts,” said Heath. “We read that he came up a little short and knew we had to get a hold of this kid.” Matthew got a generous donation of 4,000 pairs of socks from Dave Heath at Bombas Socks so now he’s delivering socks to various local charities who serve homeless people in the Sacramento area. The Salvation Army in Roseville is one of the grateful recipients of the “Socks from the Heart to the Homeless” campaign.

“This is such a practical gift to receive from this young man,” said Lt. John Morrow, Salvation Army Roseville Corps Officer (local pastor and ministry leader). “This is a great reminder that you’re never too old or young to make an impact in the lives of others.”

Matthew Johnson, mom Luz, Dave Heath and the good folks at Bombas Socks, THANK YOU for your helpful, thoughtful gift to homeless people. God bless you!

If you’d like to know more about Bombas Socks, please click here for a link to their website. Follow them on Twitter; like them on Facebook, and follow their feed on Instagram.

Click here for a link to the webpage for The Salvation Army in Roseville, California

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