• Pathway of Hope

    Meeting your family’s needs while building a better life can be hard.
    The Salvation Army helps navigate challenges on the path to a brighter future.

Progress for many in our Pathway of Hope program!

The Town Hall Meeting

On Thursday, May 6, 2021 Major Terry Israel hosted a live Town Hall Meeting to share exclusive updates on The Salvation Army’s Pathway of Hope program. Guest speakers on the call included Colonel Ralph Bukiewicz, Ron Skeete, as well as a participant in the Pathway of Hope program. The call was sponsored by One&All.


What Is Pathway of Hope?

The Pathway of Hope initiative is an approach launched by The Salvation Army in 2011 to provide targeted services to families with a desire to take action to break the generational cycle of crisis and enable a path out of poverty. It is rooted in a case management approach, focusing on client needs through a strength-based lens.

Targeting families with children came from the desire to have an intergenerational impact on poverty. By positively influencing the lives of parents, the Salvation Army can create better living conditions for children. Influencing children in their development years is crucial, as studies show that children who spend more than half of their life in poverty are 32 times more likely to be in poverty as an adult.

Launched in 2015, Pathway of Hope has made significant progress in the Southern Territory

Here’s where we stand at a glance:

  • 193 locations with trained personnel
  • 800+ families have enrolled
  • 1,800+ children have been served
  • 45% of clients have increased stability
  • 28% of clients have increased income
  • 171% is the average earned income increase
  • for a family
  • 3000+ clients have engaged with Salvation
  • Army Corps
  • 750+ clients have been referred to other
  • community resources

The Pathway of Hope Approach Includes:

  • Providing targeted services to families with a desire to take action, changing life trajectories and increasing hope.
  • Bringing all the Army’s internal resources to bear, aligned to the goals of clients.
  • Catalyzing community collaboration in service with shared clients
  • Moving families from crises and vulnerability to stability and eventually self-sufficiency, tracking family progress along the way
  • Strengths-based case management services

Who Can Join?

You’re eligible if:

  •  You have at least one child under the age of 18.
  •  You’re ready to take action!

What Does the Initiative Involve?

Caring for your family’s needs, while building a strong future can be challenging in today’s economic times. The Salvation Army team will offer support, guidance and assistance as we walk alongside you on your family’s journey:

Mapping it out
Meet with a caseworker to develop your personalized action plan.

Tracking Progress
Chart your progress and see your success with your dedicated case worker on a regular basis.

Passing Milestones
See where you are at six months and decide what’s next on your journey.

Looking ahead
Celebrate your successes. Adjust any further goals.  Encourage others.

Resources & Connections

Through your involvement with Pathway of Hope, you’ll be introduced to both Salvation Army and other services that are available within your community which offer:

  • A network of support
  • A sense of community
  • Holistic programs
  • Spiritual guidance

Service Connector to:

  • Job training
  • Health services
  • Childcare and education
  • Housing options
  • Legal services
  • And much more…

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