Goodwill and Salvation Army Team Up to help Arizonans find jobs

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Col. Joe Posillico (right) and Maj John Brackenbury meet the Goodwill mascot at the grand opening.

Originally featured on Expect Change, The Salvation Army Western Territory’s Blog.

I’ve worked for The Salvation Army for fifteen years. Along the way my friends will sometimes ask, “so how are things at the Goodwill?” Sometimes they say, “so, what’s going on at the Red Cross?”

My reply is usually, “I’m sure they’re doing great things like meeting needs and changing lives, but I work for The Salvation Army.” Well, now I can answer that question about Goodwill wholeheartedly in the affirmative because I know first-hand!

We recently teamed up with Goodwill of Central Arizona to open a job resource center on our Salvation Army campus in Phoenix. This first-of-its-kind center features 11 computer workstations with access to Goodwill’s database of jobs, as well as a staff member to help job seekers with services including resume development and interview strategy.

How’s that for putting two great organizations together to care for people in need!?
The center is a three-minute walk from The Salvation Army’s family shelter and located in a neighborhood with one of the highest rates of poverty in Arizona.
We’re praying that job-seekers all over Phoenix will find it a convenient place to go to learn job skills and receive assistance with their search.

Here’s what AZCentral had to say about the great news (FYI: it starts with a brief ad):

“Thank you Goodwill of Central Arizona! We love what you do and are grateful for your help.”


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Work Program Helps Rebuild Lives and Landscapes


The Salvation Army in Dallas, TX recently launched a new commercial landscape management business to help companies keep their facilities looking sharp while also providing jobs, training, counseling and income for people who would otherwise by unemployed.

The Socially Responsible Landscape Management Company has two crews of 12 workers, all of who live at The Salvation Army homeless shelter until they save enough money to live on their own, capable of doing just about everything from lawn mowing to sprinkler installation and repair.

While each employee is trained by a professional lawn care supervisor (you’ll be amazed at what they can do!), the goal of the program is to help these individuals gain experience and self-sufficiency so they can move onto other higher paying opportunities within the lawn care industry.

The entire project was funded by donations from local advisory board members, who helped purchase equipment and acquire knowledgeable management. The company is working to add more crewmembers, in hopes of providing brighter futures for a greater number of homeless individuals in Dallas.

Services include law mowing, edging, weed removal, tree trimming and planting, flower bed maintenance, mulching, sodding, seeding, shrub pruning, pre-emergent fire ant treatment, and sprinkler installation and repair.

Rebuild your landscape and the lives of those in need by calling 214.637.8215 for a free estimate.  All profits help fund The Salvation Army’s critical social service programs.
Read more in the Dallas Business Journal.